Folding stretcher (2 fold 4 wheels) Folding stretcher (2 fold 4 wheels)
Folding stretcher (2 fold 4 wheels)
Unfolded size:220*55*15CM 
Folding size:50*26*18CM

1 The frame part of this product is mainly made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which has the characteristics of light weight, small size, convenient carrying and safe use.

2 The stretcher surface is made of blue Oxford leather to make the patient more comfortable lying down.

3 This stretcher is designed with two wheels at one end and two supporting legs at the other end, and the patient can be transferred by lifting one end of the supporting leg in case of insufficient manpower.

4 The support legs and casters of this stretcher can be folded for storage, making it more convenient to use.

5 This product is equipped with two safety straps to ensure the safety of patients during transportation.

6 It is mainly suitable for emergency use in hospitals, outpatient departments, ambulances, firefighting and military battlefield transportation of wounded and sick, or enterprises and institutions, rural clinics, nursing homes and tourist attractions.

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