Scoop stretcher (retractable and foldable six-piece) Scoop stretcher (retractable and foldable six-piece)
Scoop stretcher (retractable and foldable six-piece)
Unfolded size:214×42×7CM
net weight:7.13K G

1: Made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, four plates: foldable, detachable, and retractable.

2: Foldable design, portable and easy to stack, greatly reducing the occupied space, which is conducive to large-scale applications.

3: Detachable design, using a separate rigid structure to transfer fractured and seriously injured patients. There are clutch devices at both ends, which can be separated into left and right parts. Side switches are easier to operate and provide better protection for the wounded. Without moving the patient, quickly shovel the patient in or withdraw the stretcher from under the patient.

4: Scalable design, the length of the stretcher can be adjusted according to the length of the person, a total of 3 stalls. One end (foot) of the stretcher adopts a narrow frame structure. Suitable for patients of any body type and height .

5: The product is equipped with safety straps to ensure the safety of patients.

6: The scoop stretcher can be used together with a head immobilizer.

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