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Why Use LED Amber TBD-2919 Strobe Lights

LED amber TBD-2919 strobe lights mainly appear on emergency vehicles, construction vehicles,


Why Use LED Amber Strobe Lights on These Cars

1:Continuous working time ≥ 200H, waterproof grade IP65, more than 30 stroboscopic modes, customizable color

2: 55W power can greatly improve visibility, which is easier for pedestrians and other road users to see when installed on vehicles. These lights provide visibility, especially in dark or busy areas

3: Easy to distinguish: This strobe lamp enables people to distinguish between ordinary vehicles for public use and official vehicles, such as vehicles used for construction projects or any other volunteer tasks. 

4: SAFETY: Having LED amber strobe lights means more lighting for road workers and other workers.

5: Minimize light pollution, ideal for use in rain, sandstorms, fog and other harsh weather conditions

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